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IPS Newsletter Paris – 1 – April 2017

Dear society members, We are delighted to start working towards our next Symposium in Paris 2019, keeping the momentum of our first Symposium in the Southern hemisphere. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Gabriele Cornelli for his unfailing commitment to the Society during his presidency, especially for the promotion of new talent in Platonic studies. We thank him and his whole team for a Symposium which brought new colours to Plato. We also want to have a thought for Francisco Bravo, whose health did not allow him to serve as co-president to the degree he would have, despite his longstanding dedication to Plato in South America. You will find the minutes of the General Assembly held in Brasilia published on the website. Let us gather here for you the main news. XI Symposium Platonicum Selected Papers The Editorial Committee has now received the submission of more [...]

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Minutes of the General Assembly – University of Brasilia, July 7th, 4:30pm – 6:30pm

  General Assembly - University of Brasilia, July 7th, 4:30pm – 6:30pm Meeting called to order at 4.30 by the President of the IPS, Professor Gabriele Cornelli In memoriam Prof. Cornelli mentioned the death, during the last 3 years, of  “three of our best guys” in the Plato community:  S. Scolnicov, G. Reale and A. Havlíček. The Brazilian Organizing Committee decided to dedicate the Ph. D. sessions of the XIth Symposium to S. Scolnicov, a former President of the IPS, who was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Triennial Report There has been an increase in new memberships of around 27%. We now have 213 full members (a 13% increase) and 57 associate members (a 90% increase); 144 of these are new members, so we are flourishing, and at the same time a little younger in average age than we were. Probably this first meeting in the Southern hemisphere, and the [...]

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IPS Newsletter Issue 3, Brasília February 2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Happy New Year to all ! XI Symposium Platonicum: Brasília (4-8 July, 2016) The organization of the XI Symposium Platonicum (4-8 July, 2016) is in full sail! Around 170 submissions were evaluated by the Executive Committee through the double-blind review system. The final papers, plus a summary (400 to 800 words) in a second language, are expected by the 1st of April. The reason for the inclusion of a summary in a second language is to ensure a full understanding of all papers in order to promote discussion among all members. Of course, participants without a paper are most welcome. Check the website www.plato2016.org for registration details and for further news about the venue. We hope to post the final program on the Symposium website in early May, so please keep an eye on the Symposium website (www.plato2016.org) or follow XI Symposium Platonicum on [...]

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General Assembly Minutes – 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci

INTERNATIONAL PLATO SOCIETY General Assembly Minutes Thursday 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci 19.00 –20.30 Meeting called to order at 19.00 by the President of the IPS Professor Mauro Tulli   Report of the President IPS Professor Mauro Tulli Greetings and introduction of seven topics of discussion Candidatures for the XII Symposium Platonicum. Paris, in the person of Professor Luc Brisson, Professor Arnaud Macé and Professor Olivier Renaut, is presented as candidate to organize the XII Symposium Platonicum. The proposal is approved by the assembly with no oppositions. The Sophist as theme of the XII Symposium is also approved. Candidatures of Members of the Executive committee. For Europe, Prof. Tordesillas supports the candidature of Professor Francesco Fronterotta. For Latin America, Prof. Padilla supports the candidature of Professor Raul Gutierrez. For Africa, Asia and Oceania, Prof. Ho supports the candidature of Professor Yuji Kurihara. Candidatures approved by the assembly with no [...]

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IPS Newsletter Pisa February 2012

International Plato Society Newsletter, Issue 2 (2010-13) Pisa, 28th February 2012 Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to send the second Newsletter of the IPS (2010-2013). 1. IPS Regional Meetings The IPS is currently supporting the mid-term conference in Paris, “Genre, Sexe et Sexualité dans la cité: la politique du sexe dans les dialogues de Platon”, INHA, Galerie Vivienne, 1st-3rd March 2012, promoted by Université de Paris-Ouest Nanterre-La Défense, Université Paris 1, Centre Jean Pépin, CNRS, UPR 76, and Société d’Études Platoniciennes. You can find the final programme and general information on our website: http://www.platosociety.org/pdf/120303%20Paris.pdf. In Paris we will listen to the papers of Violaine Sebillotte-Cuchet, François de Polignac, Claude Calame, Nathalie Ernoult, Gabriele Cornelli, Carolina Araujo, Angela Hobbs, Olivier Renaut, Luc Brisson, Clara Acker, Ruby Blondell and Sandra Boehringer, Florence Dupont and Annick Jaulin. The conference, divided in thematic sections, will be open to debates about “concepts de genre”, “eros et [...]

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IPS Newsletter Pisa April 2012

Dear Colleagues, International Plato Society Newsletter, Issue 3 (2010-13) our activities for the Symposium in Pisa are proceeding very well and I am happy to tell you that an Organizing Committee, composed of Isabella Bertagna, Michele Corradi, Dino De Sanctis, Margherita Erbì and Mario Regali, is at work. For any requests, you can now contact our new address: symposium.pisa@humnet.unipi.it. In the third Newsletter of my engagment for the IPS, I would like to give you a summary of the results of the Executive Committee meeting held in Paris, on 2nd March during the conference promoted by Luc Brisson and Olivier Renaut. Scope of the IPS The Executive Committee considered the total amount of Members: more than 500 worldwide, therefore a very positive answer to our efforts. However, the situation is quite different if we look at the total amount of paid-up Members: no more than 100, mostly thanks to fees [...]

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IPS Newsletter Pisa June 2012

Dear Colleagues, International Plato Society Newsletter, Issue 4 (2010-13) Call for Papers: X Symposium 15th–20th July 2013 The Symposium The organisation of the X Symposium Platonicum, in Pisa, planned from 15th to 20th July 2013, is ongoing. As announced in the last Newsletter, the final programme will include 14 long papers, for plenary sessions, 90 short papers, for parallel workshops, and 8 short papers from PhD dissertations in progress or just discussed. Now it is time for the Call for Papers. The deadline and other conditions for the submission of abstracts were fixed at the mid-term meeting of the Executive Committee held in Paris on 2nd March. Abstracts must be received between 30th June and 31st October 2012 and should be no more than 500 words in length. Applicants should indicate their preference between long papers, of 40 minutes, short papers, of 20 minutes, and short papers, of 20 minutes, [...]

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IPS Newsletter Pisa October 2012

Dear Colleagues, International Plato Society Newsletter, Issue 5 (2010-13) Pisa, 30th October 2012 let me summarise, in a few paragraphs, the most important events of our Society in recent months. From 20th to 24th August 2012 the Latin American Area Conference was held in Brasilia, organised by Gabriele Cornelli. The participation of our members was very numerous and enthusiastic. In general, we can say that the theme, styles and characters in Plato’s dialogues, was dealt with in many papers of a good level. During the Conference, the great hospitality allowed for exchanges that reinforced the fertile cohesion of our Society. Thanks to the presence of many members of the Executive Committee, Francisco Bravo, Gabriele Cornelli, Michael Erler, Verity Harte, Mary-Margaret McCabe and I, it was possible to gather for a meeting to discuss various topics. After collecting fees directly in Brasilia, our Society has more than 150 paid-up members out [...]

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