Symposium Platonicum XII : Plato’s Parmenides

The Call for Papers

The International Plato Society organizes a symposium on a single Platonic dialogue every three years. We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the XII Symposium Platonicum: Plato’s Parmenides.

The Symposium will take place July 15–20, 2019, in Paris.

Although the dialogue has been the object of intense scholarly scrutiny, many issues remain to be explored. Submissions on any aspect of the dialogue, including its presocratic sources as well as later reception, will be considered. We also would like to encourage papers that address issues in the dialogue’s second half since it has received relatively less attention.

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Results of the Call for Papers

The Executive Committee has reviewed a total of 167 abstracts, written in two languages, anonymously, regardless of positions between full member (senior) and associate members (PhD.) You will find below some statistics that, as we intend to, reflect the diversity and richness of the Society.

Submissions Selected papers 
Men 63% / Women 37% Men 59% / Women 41 %
English 59%, Italian 16 %, French 13%, Spanish 8%, German 4% English 64%, Italian 16%, French 12%, Spanish 4 %, German 4%
PHD 18 % PHD 17%
Countries : Italy (20%), US (13,7%), France (9,5%), Germany (7,7%), Spain (5,3%), Canada (4,1%), Argentina (3,5%), Brazil (3,5%), Russia (3%), United Kingdom (3%). All other countries are less than 2,3%. Countries : Italy (23%), US (14,5%), France and Germany (9,8%), Canada (6,2%), Spain (5,2%), UK and Brazil (4,1%) ; all other countries are below 4%.

Organizing committee

The Symposium is organized by the “Société d’Etudes Platoniciennes”, with the three co-presidents : Luc BRISSON, Arnaud MACÉ, Olivier RENAUT.

The supporting bodies are : CNRS, Université Paris Nanterre, EPHE, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, Labex HASTEC, Institut Universitaire de France, UMR Anhima.

The Venue

The Symposium takes place at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA).

The INHA is located in a “Galerie”, the Galerie Colbert, in the “2ème arrondissement” of Paris, between “Place de la Bourse” and the “Jardin du Palais Royal”.

Address : 2, rue Vivienne or 6, rue des Petits-Champs, Paris IIe
– Métro : Bourse (line 3), Palais-Royal (line 1), Pyramides (line 1-14), Grands Boulevards (line 9), Richelieu Drouot (line 9).
– Bus : n°29 et n°39
The site is suitable for disabled persons.

The symposium will take place in three main rooms :

  • Auditorium : for parallels sessions and plenary sessions
  • Salle Vasari : for parallels sessions
  • Salle Benjamin : for parallels sessions

For evening plenary sessions, more venues are likely to be presented below… very soon.


Registration fees are due for regular paid-up members attending or presenting a paper at the Symposium. The registration is expected to open online in March, with the same account you used on the website.

Registration fees

  • The registration fees for the conference are due for IPS members attending and presenting a paper during the Symposium.
  • More details to come

Accompanying person

  • We are happy to receive accompanying persons ; the fees will include the same services.
  • More details to come


Faq and Contact

The organizing committee is currently looking for a discount price in some hotels nearby. However, some important discounts are already available online through websites like or The INHA is very central and convenient for public transport (metro and buses), so that every location should be less than 30mn to the venue. 

A complete guide will be provided soon on this website.

Every inquiries should be sent to