CFP : Panel “New approaches to Plato” for the Celtic Conference in Classics

New Approaches to Plato in Context The last twenty years have witnessed a renewed interest in the study of the Platonic dialogues in their literary, historical, and sociopolitical contexts. From groundbreaking work on the genre of the dialogue, to reassessments of Plato as a political philosopher, and numerous publications on Plato as a theorist of performance and critic of democracy, recent scholarship on Plato in context has often sought to go beyond strict adherence to the methodologies of analytical philosophy, emphasizing instead Plato’s embeddedness within classical Athenian culture. At the same time, this contextualized study of the dialogues has taken advantage of theoretical perspectives drawn from disciplines such as anthropology, comparative literature and literary theory, performance studies, and sociology. On the surface, these innovative approaches to Plato may appear to have little in common with each other; yet, in toto, it might be argued that renewed interest in Plato [...]

Proposal for the Symposium Platonicum XIII : Athens – Georgia

The International Plato Society has yet to meet in the United States.  I propose that Symposium XIII take place in Athens, Georgia in 2022. There is much more than the name to recommend Athens. Known as the “classic city,” it is the home of the University of Georgia, the nation’s oldest land grant institution, as well as a vibrant arts and alternative music scene and some nationally recognized restaurants. The campus is beautiful, and Athens itself is a pleasant college town with attractive, older neighborhoods. In many ways it is more representative of the United States than the large cities that many visitors often see exclusively. The University has excellent facilities: we will use modern, air conditioned lecture halls on campus. Hopefully, it will be possible to arrange for conference participants to enjoy the University’s acoustically excellent concert hall. There are an abundance of hotels near campus, most moderately priced.  [...]

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Plato Journal (15, 2016)

A new volume (15) of Plato Journal is now available on line at Plato Journal is now available free access on line and printed on demand by Coimbra University Press, one of the oldest european publishers. Table of contents Editorial Statement Michael Erler, Angela Ulacco Articles Socrates on the Emotions Thomas C. Brickhouse, Nicholas D. Smith Socrates, wake up! An analysis and exegesis of the “preface” in Plato’s Crito (43a1-b9) Yosef Z. Liebersohn L’introduction problématique du Timée (17a-27a) Nathalie Nercam 'Philosophy' in Plato's Phaedrus Christopher Moore Plato’s cosmological medicine in the discourse of Eryximachus in the Symposium. The responsibility of a harmonic techne Laura Candiotto Scaling the Ladder. Why the Final Step of the Lover’s Ascent is a Generalizing Step Anthony Hooper Reviews [Review] Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading. By Christopher P. Long William Henry Furness Altman [Review] Plato’s Parmenides Reconsidered. [...]

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II International Plato Spring Seminar : The Politicus (Madrid)

Date and venue 25 – 26 April 2016, Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Participants : Juan Bares (Valencia,UV) ; Dougal Blyth (Auckland, NZ) ; Laura Candiotto (Edimburgh,UK) , Giovanni Casertano (Napoli, IT) ; Elisabetta Cattanei (Cagliari, IT) ; Dimitri El Murr (Paris, FR) ; Giovanni Giorgini (Bologna, IT) ; Anthony Hatzistavrou (Hull, UK) ; Josep Monserrat (Barcelona,UB) ; Anna Motta (Napoli, IT) ; Lidia Palumbo (Napoli, IT) ; Miriam Peixoto (Belo Horizonte, BR) ; Thomas Robinson (Toronto, CA) ; Christopher Rowe (Durham, UK) ; Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Madrid, UCM) ; Gislene Santos (Belo Horizonte, BR) ; José María Zamora (Madrid, UAM). Contact and information : Beatriz Bossi (

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Appel à contribution // Call for papers : Atelier International de la Société d’Etudes Platoniciennes (2nd and 3rd June 2016 – Paris)

Posted by Olivier RENAUT L'Atelier International de la Société d'Etudes Platoniciennes aura lieu les jeudi 2 et vendredi 3 juin 2016. APPEL A CONTRIBUTION / CALL FOR PAPERS La Société d’Etudes Platoniciennes tiendra ses Ateliers 2016 le 2 et 3 juin prochains à l’Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. Cette manifestation publique est dédiée à la présentation de travaux en cours, non encore publiés, sur Platon et la tradition platonicienne, devant les membres de la Société d’Etudes Platoniciennes. Une large place est donnée à la discussion des travaux présentés. Les Ateliers sont ouverts aux chercheurs confirmés aussi bien qu’aux doctorants et aux contributions en langues française, italienne, espagnole, allemande et anglaise. Les candidats adressent un texte de présentation de leur projet (1000 mots maximum) avant le 21 mars 2016 à l’adresse suivante : *** The Société d’Etudes Platoniciennes will hold the SEP WORKSHOP 2016 on June, 2nd and 3rd at [...]

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Call for Papers : “Mouseion Special Issue: Death of a Gadfly: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Trial and Death of Socrates”

On behalf of John Harris Mouseion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada is pleased to announce a Call For Papers for an upcoming Special Issue, Death of a Gadfly: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Trial and Execution of Socrates, guest-edited by John Harris (Associate Professor, History and Classics, University of Alberta) and Kathrin Koslicki (Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Philosophy, University of Alberta). Many questions persist today concerning the circumstances surrounding Socrates’ trial and execution as well as his life and the substance of his philosophical views.  How and why was Socrates brought to trial?  Why did the Athenian jurors, who were after all members of the world’s first democracy, find him guilty?  Were the official charges against Socrates in fact trumped up?  Was the real motivation behind his conviction political?  Why did Socrates refuse to accept the opportunity to escape execution and instead submit to [...]

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Results of Plato “Conrado Eggers Lan” Prize

International Plato Society Best Dissertation on Plato “Conrado Eggers Lan” Prize Results Conrado Eggers Lan was Ancient Philosophy Professor at the Universities of Buenos Aires, Heidelberg and Autónoma de México (UNAM). Co-founder of the International Plato Society and host of the First Symposium Platonicum held in Mexico City in 1986. Dissertations Prize Results We are delighted to announce, on behalf of Professor Franco Ferrari, head of the IPS Editorial Committee, that we have a winner for the Conrado Eggers Lan Prize for outstanding dissertations in the field of Platonic studies. Evaluation has been carried out by an ad hoc Committee, chosen by the Editorial Committee and coordinated by Franco Ferrari: Mario Vegetti, Luc Brisson, Francesco Fronterotta, Lesley Brown, Alonso Tordesillas, Francisco Gonzalez, Francisco Lisi, Marcelo Boeri, Irmgard Männlein-Robert and Mauro Tulli. The winning dissertation is Sergio di Girolamo’s Il tutto, l’intero e l’uno: alcuni temi del [...]

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Compte rendu du colloque international : “La vérité : Platon et les sophistes” (Aix-en-Provence, 9-11 octobre 2015)

L’Institut d’histoire de la philosophie (EA 3276) de l’université d’Aix-Marseille l’International Plato Society – Mediterranean Section, le Centre d’études sur la pensée antique «  kairos kai logos », ont organisé en collaboration avec le Département de philosophie de l’université d’Aix-Marseille, le Dipartimento di scienze del patrimonio culturale  (beni e attività culturali, filosofia, fonti e testi, territorio) dell’Università degli Studi di Salerno, le Dipartimento di filosofia dell’Università degli Studi di Roma-La Sapienza, le Dipartimento di filologia, letteratura e linguistica dell’Università di Pisa, avec le soutien du Conseil général du Département des Bouches-du-Rhône et de la Communauté du Pays d’Aix et avec le concours du Musée Granet d’Aix-en-Provence, un colloque international de philosophie ancienne sur le thème : « La vérité : Platon et les sophistes ». Le colloque s’est tenu les vendredi 9 et samedi 10 octobre à la Faculté des arts, lettres, langues et sciences humaines, Maison de la Recherche, Bâtiment Multimédia, Salle des colloques, et [...]

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La vérité : Platon et les sophistes // Colloque international de la section méditerranéenne de la société platonicienne internationale

COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL DE LA SECTION MÉDITERRANÉENNE DE LA SOCIÉTÉ PLATONICIENNE INTERNATIONALE CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE LA SECCIÓN MEDITERRANEA DE LA SOCIEDAD INTERNACIONAL DE PLATONISTAS CONVEGNO INTERNAZIONALE DELLA SEZIONE MEDITERRANEA DELL’ASSOCIAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DEI PLATONISTI INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL PLATO SOCIETY LA VÉRITÉ : PLATON ET LES SOPHISTES LA VERDAD : PLATÓN Y LOS SOFISTAS LA VERITÀ : PLATONE E I SOFISTI TRUTH : PLATO AND THE SOPHISTS AIX-EN-PROVENCE (France) 9-11 OCTOBRE 2015 Programme provisoire vendredi 9 octobre matin 09h30 : Accueil des participants 10h30: Allocution d’ouverture par le Monsieur le président de l’Université d’Aix-Marseille 11h15: Conférence : Tomás Calvo (Université Complutense de Madrid) Réfutation socratique et réfutation sophistique chez Platon après-midi 14h: Aldo BRANCACCI (Université de Rome), Significato, verità e metodo in Prodico 14h20: Silvia GASTALDI (Université de Pavie), Platone, i sofisti e una verità antropologica : il dibattito sul diritto del più forte 14h40: Discussion 15h: Piera DE PIANO (Université de Naples), La verità nelle parole di due condannati a [...]

CFP: XI Symposium Platonicum: Plato’s Phaedo

Extension of deadline for submission of abstracts - 12 September The International Plato Society welcomes submissions for the next XI Symposium Platonicum: Plato's Phaedo, to be held in Brasilia, 4-8 July 2016. Due technical issues we experienced with the website, the deadline for submission of abstracts for the XI Symposium Platonicum has been extended to 12 September 2015. For detailed information on how to submit an abstract, please see here. If you have any question, please feel free to send an email to

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