IPS Newsletter Pisa June 2012

//IPS Newsletter Pisa June 2012

IPS Newsletter Pisa June 2012

Dear Colleagues,

International Plato Society Newsletter, Issue 4 (2010-13)

Call for Papers: X Symposium 15th–20th July 2013

The Symposium

The organisation of the X Symposium Platonicum, in Pisa, planned from 15th to 20th July 2013, is ongoing. As announced in the last Newsletter, the final programme will include 14 long papers, for plenary sessions, 90 short papers, for parallel workshops, and 8 short papers from PhD dissertations in progress or just discussed. Now it is time for the Call for Papers.

The deadline and other conditions for the submission of abstracts were fixed at the mid-term meeting of the Executive Committee held in Paris on 2nd March. Abstracts must be received between 30th June and 31st October 2012 and should be no more than 500 words in length. Applicants should indicate their preference between long papers, of 40 minutes, short papers, of 20 minutes, and short papers, of 20 minutes, from PhD dissertations.

Judging by the previous congresses, we may receive a larger number of abstracts than we can accept. In that case, the evaluation of the Executive Committee will be decisive, so we advise all applicants to write abstracts carefully. Abstracts may be written in any of the five official languages. The author’s information should be included in the file: affiliation, contact address, e-mail address and fax.

The privilege of proposing papers is confined to paid-up members of our Society. I am glad to tell you that our Society is now able to receive fees through PayPal system. Of course it is necessary to have a PayPal account: our account to insert on the webpage is the address of the Pisa Organizing Committee, symposium.pisa@humnet.unipi.it.

Abstracts can be sent to symposium.pisa@humnet.unipi.it or by fax to +39/(0)50/2215621 or by post to IPS Pisa Organizing Committee, c/o Mauro Tulli, Università di Pisa, Filologia classica, Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica, Via Galvani, 1, I-56126 Pisa, Italy. We will acknowledge the receipt by e-mail or by post, so if you do not get any answer, please contact the Pisa Organizing Committee, symposium.pisa@humnet.unipi.it. All papers will be assessed by the Executive Committee before the end of January 2013 and notifications will be sent out in February 2013. Papers in full version should be sent to the Pisa Organizing Committee, symposium.pisa@humnet.unipi.it, before the end of May 2013.

Hoping to see you all in Pisa, Best wishes

Mauro Tulli

Pisa, 28th June 2012

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