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  A new volume (13) of Plato Journal is now available on line at Plato Journal is now available free access on line and printed on demand by Coimbra University Press, one of the oldest european publishers. From the Editorial The current volume of the Plato Journal constitutes an important turning point in the history of the journal and as such is characterized by both the old and the new. What is ‘old’ is that here, as in the last volume, we have a collection of very strong papers displaying a wide diversity of approaches and topics. The goal of the journal continues to be what it always has been: to disseminate important new research on Plato and the Platonic tradition, just as the goal of the International Plato Society is to promote and provide an international venue for such research. But the journal has now a new [...]

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In ricordo di Giovanni Reale

Giovanni Reale è morto improvvisamente nella sua casa a Luino, vicino Varese, il 15 ottobre 2014. Era nato il 15 aprile 1931, aveva dunque 83 anni, ed era ancora impegnato in molti lavori; in particolare sui primi dialoghi platonici, una traduzione con commento che uscirà per Bompiani nel 2015. Tutti i giornali italiani hanno dato la notizia con ampio rilievo, perché Reale era molto conosciuto anche per prese di posizioni su alcune questioni molto scottanti (come quelle connesse alla bioetica e alla interruzione della vita per i malati in coma irreversibile) che avevano interessato l’opinione pubblica.     Non riesco a parlare di Giovanni Reale senza iniziare, e poi senza chiudere, con alcuni dati personali, che mi legano al mio professore. Anche perché in questi ultimi anni abbiamo avuto anche modo e tempo di dichiararci entrambi ben contenti di come è andata questa nostra strana e complessa storia. Ho incontrato la prima volta [...]

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Conference : Michael ERLER : Entendre le vrai et passer à côté de la vérité. La poétique implicite de Platon

Michel FATTAL organise le 16 octobre 2014, à l'Université de Grenoble II, dans le cadre des échanges européens et dans le cadre du Groupe de recherche "Philosophie, Langages et Cognition", une conférence sur Platon. Invité : Michael ERLER (Université de Würzburg, Allemagne) : Entendre le vrai et passer à côté de la vérité. La poétique implicite de Platon. Cette conférence aura lieu à 14 h, à l'Amphithéâtre 1 de l'ARSH 1, 1281 avenue Centrale, Campus Universitaire. Prendre le Tramway B de la Gare de Grenoble en direction de "Plaine des Sports" et descendre à l'arrêt : "Bibliothèques Universitaires". Contact : Michel Fattal (

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Journée d’études : “Langage et dialectique chez Platon” (Grenoble)

Michel FATTAL organise le 25 septembre 2014, à l'Université de Grenoble II, dans le cadre des échanges européens et du Groupe de recherche "Philosophie, Langages et Cognition", une Journée d'études sur "Langage et dialectique chez Platon". Invités : L. Rossetti (Université de Pérouse) : Platon vu de loin G. Casertano (Université de Naples) : Définition, dialectique et "logos" L. Palumbo (Université de Naples) : Rhétorique sophistique et dialectique philosophique dans le "Gorgias" de Platon. Th. A. Szlezak (Université de Tübingen) : The "dokounta" of the Platonic dialectician. Plato's discussion between the insufficient "present discussion" and a satisfactory one. Cette Journée d'études sur Platon aura lieu de 14 h à 18 h, à l'Amphithéâtre 2 de l'ARSH 2, 1281 avenue Centrale, Campus Universitaire de Saint Martin-D'Hères. De la Gare de Grenoble, prendre le tramway (ligne B) en direction de "Palais des Sports" et descendre à l'arrêt "Bibliiothèques Universitaires". Contact : Michel [...]

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An Obituary for Samuel Scolnicov

τῶν κρειττόνων τινὸς ἔκλειψις γέγονεν, (Plutarch, Moralia 419f)   Samuel (Shmuel) Scolnicov, Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus) and a former President of the International Plato Society, died on August 13, 2014 at his home in Israel, owing to complications related to diabetes.  Samuel was born on March 11, 1941 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, immigrating to Israel in 1958.  After a year spent studying chemistry, Samuel earned a B.A. in philosophy and Hebrew language and literature from Hebrew University in 1964 and an M.A. in philosophy in 1967, with a thesis on the epistemological significance of Plato’s theory of ideal numbers, written under the direction of Shlomo Pines.  In 1967, Samuel was also awarded a B.A. in high school teaching.  In 1974, he received a PhD from Cambridge University under the direction of Bernard Williams, with a dissertation on Plato’s method of hypothesis in the middle dialogues. In 1974, Samuel was appointed [...]

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II Simposio Nacional de Filosofía Antigua (Asociación Argentina de Filosofía Antigua)

«Conocimiento, ética y estética en la Filosofía Antigua» Rosario, 14 y 15 de Mayo de 2015 Facultad de Humanidades y Artes Universidad Nacional de Rosario II Simposio Nacional de Filosofía Antigua. Rosario 2015 Primera Circular Las Jornadas estarán conformadas por: Conferencias Ponencias individuales Mesas Redondas Presentación de libros Inscripción y envío de abstracts El plazo de inscripción y envío de abstracts vence el 15 de Marzo de 2015. No se aceptarán trabajos sin relación temática con el eje de las Jornadas: «Conocimiento, ética y estética en la Filosofía Antigua». Los estudiantes expositores deberán contar con el aval de un docente. Cada expositor contará con un tiempo de exposición de 20 minutos y de 10 minutos para preguntas y discusiones. Las inscripciones de asistentes, expositores e integrantes de mesas redondas se realizarán a través del formulario alojado en la siguiente dirección: Al momento de realizar la inscripción online se requerirá [...]

Asociación Argentina de Filosofía Antigua

Estimados colegas y miembros de la Comunidad Académica: Nos complace comunicarles la creación de la Asociación Argentina de Filosofía Antigua (AAFA) con el fin de promover el intercambio entre especialistas del área residentes en Argentina así como la vinculación con investigadores de otras instituciones extranjeras. Para conocer más sobre los objetivos de la Asociación los invitamos a visitar el sitio o contactarnos al correo María Angélica Fierro (Presidenta AAFA) We are pleased to announce the creation of the Argentinian Association of Ancient Philosophy (AAFA), the goal of which will not only be to enable exchange between researchers in Ancient Philosophy within our country, but also to promote the contact with scholars and institutions from abroad. If you are interested in learning about the goals of our Association, please visit our website or contact us at Maria Angelica Fierro (AAFA President)

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Call for papers : A New Perspective on Plato and his Philosophical Methods

Posted by Naoya Iwata A New Perspective on Plato and  his Philosophical Methods An International Conference for Young Researchers Kyoto University, JAPAN 20–21st March, 2015 Keynote Speakers: Sylvain Delcomminette (Université Libre de Bruxelles) Yasuhira (Yahei) Kanayama (Nagoya University) It is generally supposed that Plato’s philosophical methodology changed over the course of his carrier. In the early dialogues we see Socrates’ cross-examination, called elenchus, in search of definitions. The middle dialogues introduce Plato’s more constructive approaches in relation to the theory of Forms, such as the theory of recollection, the method of hypothesis, and ‘dialectic’. His methodological concern seems to be dominated in the later works by ‘collection and division’. In addition, we should not forget the role of myths in his philosophy. This conference aims to investigate how Plato’s distinctive philosophical methods are related or unrelated to each other, with a close analysis of the characteristics of individual approaches. Can we really [...]

Call for papers : West Coast Plato Workshop on Laws X

West Coast Plato Workshop on Laws X Call For Papers: The West Coast Workshop, on Platos Laws X, will meet in Tucson at the University of Arizona May 2-3, 2015. Julia Annas and Tony Long will be our keynote speakers. We invite scholars to submit abstracts of papers they would like to present by December 15, 2014.  Abstracts (which will be blind-reviewed) should be submitted to Rachana Kamtekar (kamtekar [at] or George Rudebusch (George.Rudebusch [at]  Each paper will have a commentator, so finished papers will need to be sent to commentators by March 15. There is no registration fee, and the conference is open to all, but please let us know by March 15 if you plan to attend, so we can make local arrangements. Please contact us with any questions: Rachana Kamtekar or George Rudebusch.

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Roberto Luca : Platone e la sapienza antica

Roberto Luca, Platone e la sapienza antica, Matematica, filosofia, armonia, Marsilio Editori, Venezia, pp. 160, 1° ed.2014 , ISBN: 978-88-317-1855-4  Il saggio delinea un Platone erede di un'antica "sapienza mediterranea", la cui origine risale alla cultura sacerdotale egizia. Chiave di volta è l'Epinomide  che racchiude l'essenza del pensiero platonico, articolata intorno a tre aspetti: matematica, filosofia e armonia. È attraverso gli studi in queste discipline che il filosofo si avvicina al pensiero divino, nella conclusione che l'unico metro "vero" è appunto quello del dio. Momento cruciale, nell'interpretazione del testo, è il "passo matematico" epinomideo, la cui interpretazione, agevolata da Aristotele, implica la conoscenza e il coordinamento degli spunti presenti in tutta l'opera platonica. The essay talks about Plato as a heir and witness of an antique “mediterranean knowledge”, that finds in the priestly egyptian culture its origin and its fulcrum. The keystone is the Epinomis, the one who face and express the essence of [...]

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