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CFP : Panel “New approaches to Plato” for the Celtic Conference in Classics

New Approaches to Plato in Context The last twenty years have witnessed a renewed interest in the study of the Platonic dialogues in their literary, historical, and sociopolitical contexts. From groundbreaking work on the genre of the dialogue, to reassessments of Plato as a political philosopher, and numerous publications on Plato as a theorist of performance and critic of democracy, recent scholarship on Plato in context has often sought to go beyond strict adherence to the methodologies of analytical philosophy, emphasizing instead Plato’s embeddedness within classical Athenian culture. At the same time, this contextualized study of the dialogues has taken advantage of theoretical perspectives drawn from disciplines such as anthropology, comparative literature and literary theory, performance studies, and sociology. On the surface, these innovative approaches to Plato may appear to have little in common with each other; yet, in toto, it might be argued that renewed interest in Plato [...]

II International Plato Spring Seminar : The Politicus (Madrid)

Date and venue 25 – 26 April 2016, Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad Complutense de Madrid: http://filosofia.ucm.es/ Participants : Juan Bares (Valencia,UV) ; Dougal Blyth (Auckland, NZ) ; Laura Candiotto (Edimburgh,UK) , Giovanni Casertano (Napoli, IT) ; Elisabetta Cattanei (Cagliari, IT) ; Dimitri El Murr (Paris, FR) ; Giovanni Giorgini (Bologna, IT) ; Anthony Hatzistavrou (Hull, UK) ; Josep Monserrat (Barcelona,UB) ; Anna Motta (Napoli, IT) ; Lidia Palumbo (Napoli, IT) ; Miriam Peixoto (Belo Horizonte, BR) ; Thomas Robinson (Toronto, CA) ; Christopher Rowe (Durham, UK) ; Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Madrid, UCM) ; Gislene Santos (Belo Horizonte, BR) ; José María Zamora (Madrid, UAM). Contact and information : Beatriz Bossi (beabossi@filos.ucm.es)

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La vérité : Platon et les sophistes // Colloque international de la section méditerranéenne de la société platonicienne internationale

COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL DE LA SECTION MÉDITERRANÉENNE DE LA SOCIÉTÉ PLATONICIENNE INTERNATIONALE CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE LA SECCIÓN MEDITERRANEA DE LA SOCIEDAD INTERNACIONAL DE PLATONISTAS CONVEGNO INTERNAZIONALE DELLA SEZIONE MEDITERRANEA DELL’ASSOCIAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DEI PLATONISTI INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL PLATO SOCIETY LA VÉRITÉ : PLATON ET LES SOPHISTES LA VERDAD : PLATÓN Y LOS SOFISTAS LA VERITÀ : PLATONE E I SOFISTI TRUTH : PLATO AND THE SOPHISTS AIX-EN-PROVENCE (France) 9-11 OCTOBRE 2015 Programme provisoire vendredi 9 octobre matin 09h30 : Accueil des participants 10h30: Allocution d’ouverture par le Monsieur le président de l’Université d’Aix-Marseille 11h15: Conférence : Tomás Calvo (Université Complutense de Madrid) Réfutation socratique et réfutation sophistique chez Platon après-midi 14h: Aldo BRANCACCI (Université de Rome), Significato, verità e metodo in Prodico 14h20: Silvia GASTALDI (Université de Pavie), Platone, i sofisti e una verità antropologica : il dibattito sul diritto del più forte 14h40: Discussion 15h: Piera DE PIANO (Université de Naples), La verità nelle parole di due condannati a [...]

Call for papers : III International Congress of Greek Philosophy (Iberian Society of Greek Philosophy – Lisbon)

The Sociedade Ibérica de Filosofia Grega (SIFG) brings forth the III International Congress of Greek Philosophy in the 20th, 21st and 22nd April 2016, in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon.   We welcome all proposals, which address any theme of the domain of ancient philosophy, namely dealing with one of the following topics: 1) Pre-Socratic thought; 2) Plato; 3) Aristotle; 4) Hellenistic philosophy; 5) Neo-Platonism; 6) projection, influence and reception of ancient philosophy. The meeting is organised in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, the Group of History of Philosophy of the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon (HPhil) and the Project of the Annotated Translation of the Complete Works of Aristotle (PTDC/MHC-FIL/3672/2012). Submission of proposals Whoever wishes to submit a proposal must send an abstract with the length and features stated below, until [...]

Conference : Michael ERLER : Entendre le vrai et passer à côté de la vérité. La poétique implicite de Platon

Michel FATTAL organise le 16 octobre 2014, à l'Université de Grenoble II, dans le cadre des échanges européens et dans le cadre du Groupe de recherche "Philosophie, Langages et Cognition", une conférence sur Platon. Invité : Michael ERLER (Université de Würzburg, Allemagne) : Entendre le vrai et passer à côté de la vérité. La poétique implicite de Platon. Cette conférence aura lieu à 14 h, à l'Amphithéâtre 1 de l'ARSH 1, 1281 avenue Centrale, Campus Universitaire. Prendre le Tramway B de la Gare de Grenoble en direction de "Plaine des Sports" et descendre à l'arrêt : "Bibliothèques Universitaires". Contact : Michel Fattal (mifata@wanadoo.fr)

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Journée d’études : “Langage et dialectique chez Platon” (Grenoble)

Michel FATTAL organise le 25 septembre 2014, à l'Université de Grenoble II, dans le cadre des échanges européens et du Groupe de recherche "Philosophie, Langages et Cognition", une Journée d'études sur "Langage et dialectique chez Platon". Invités : L. Rossetti (Université de Pérouse) : Platon vu de loin G. Casertano (Université de Naples) : Définition, dialectique et "logos" L. Palumbo (Université de Naples) : Rhétorique sophistique et dialectique philosophique dans le "Gorgias" de Platon. Th. A. Szlezak (Université de Tübingen) : The "dokounta" of the Platonic dialectician. Plato's discussion between the insufficient "present discussion" and a satisfactory one. Cette Journée d'études sur Platon aura lieu de 14 h à 18 h, à l'Amphithéâtre 2 de l'ARSH 2, 1281 avenue Centrale, Campus Universitaire de Saint Martin-D'Hères. De la Gare de Grenoble, prendre le tramway (ligne B) en direction de "Palais des Sports" et descendre à l'arrêt "Bibliiothèques Universitaires". Contact : Michel [...]

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II Simposio Nacional de Filosofía Antigua (Asociación Argentina de Filosofía Antigua)

«Conocimiento, ética y estética en la Filosofía Antigua» Rosario, 14 y 15 de Mayo de 2015 Facultad de Humanidades y Artes Universidad Nacional de Rosario II Simposio Nacional de Filosofía Antigua. Rosario 2015 Primera Circular Las Jornadas estarán conformadas por: Conferencias Ponencias individuales Mesas Redondas Presentación de libros Inscripción y envío de abstracts El plazo de inscripción y envío de abstracts vence el 15 de Marzo de 2015. No se aceptarán trabajos sin relación temática con el eje de las Jornadas: «Conocimiento, ética y estética en la Filosofía Antigua». Los estudiantes expositores deberán contar con el aval de un docente. Cada expositor contará con un tiempo de exposición de 20 minutos y de 10 minutos para preguntas y discusiones. Las inscripciones de asistentes, expositores e integrantes de mesas redondas se realizarán a través del formulario alojado en la siguiente dirección: http://goo.gl/8HzLMo Al momento de realizar la inscripción online se requerirá [...]

Call for papers : A New Perspective on Plato and his Philosophical Methods

Posted by Naoya Iwata A New Perspective on Plato and  his Philosophical Methods An International Conference for Young Researchers Kyoto University, JAPAN 20–21st March, 2015 Keynote Speakers: Sylvain Delcomminette (Université Libre de Bruxelles) Yasuhira (Yahei) Kanayama (Nagoya University) It is generally supposed that Plato’s philosophical methodology changed over the course of his carrier. In the early dialogues we see Socrates’ cross-examination, called elenchus, in search of definitions. The middle dialogues introduce Plato’s more constructive approaches in relation to the theory of Forms, such as the theory of recollection, the method of hypothesis, and ‘dialectic’. His methodological concern seems to be dominated in the later works by ‘collection and division’. In addition, we should not forget the role of myths in his philosophy. This conference aims to investigate how Plato’s distinctive philosophical methods are related or unrelated to each other, with a close analysis of the characteristics of individual approaches. Can we really [...]

Call for papers – Plato and Xenophon: Comparative Studies

Plato and Xenophon: Comparative Studies Despite the prime importance of Plato, and the historical value and intrinsic interest of Xenophon, relations between these two students of Socrates remain a relatively unexplored area in contemporary research. We seek to fill this gap by building on valuable work that has been done recently in clarifying Xenophon’s philosophical positions and bringing his writings into closer relation with Plato’s. L. A. Dorion’s recently completed commentary on the Memorabilia and his just published volume of collected essays on Xenophon’ Socrates are among the prime examples of the recent flowering of studies on Xenophon and Xenophon’s Socrates. Their appearance provides us with an excellent opportunity to take stock of where the comparative study of Plato and Xenophon stands, and where we should take it from here. Our conference calls for papers that further this project by elucidating concepts found in Xenophon’s writings and bringing them into relationship [...]