General Assembly Minutes – 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci

//General Assembly Minutes – 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci

General Assembly Minutes – 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci


General Assembly Minutes

Thursday 18th July 2013, Certosa of Calci

19.00 –20.30

Meeting called to order at 19.00 by the President of the IPS

Professor Mauro Tulli


Report of the President IPS Professor Mauro Tulli

Greetings and introduction of seven topics of discussion

Candidatures for the XII Symposium Platonicum.

Paris, in the person of Professor Luc Brisson, Professor Arnaud Macé and Professor Olivier Renaut, is presented as candidate to organize the XII Symposium Platonicum. The proposal is approved by the assembly with no oppositions. The Sophist as theme of the XII Symposium is also approved.

Candidatures of Members of the Executive committee.

For Europe, Prof. Tordesillas supports the candidature of Professor Francesco Fronterotta.

For Latin America, Prof. Padilla supports the candidature of Professor Raul Gutierrez.

For Africa, Asia and Oceania, Prof. Ho supports the candidature of Professor Yuji Kurihara.

Candidatures approved by the assembly with no oppositions.

New members of the Editorial Board.

The proposal by the President of Professor Franco Ferrari for the role of Coordinator of the Editorial Board is approved with no oppositions. Besides, Professor Filip Karfìk will replace Professor Michael Erler for the German Area and Professor Dimitri El Murr will replace Professor Dorion for the French Area.

Mid-term meeting.

Professor Parry suggests to organize the mid-term meeting in Atlanta (Georgia) between the end of year 2014 and the beginning of year 2015. The proposal is approved.

Membership fees.

The President suggests the maintenance of the current membership fees. In addition, Professor McCabe supports the motion to confirm lower fees for members coming from disadvantaged countries until the Symposium in Brasilia. The assembly agrees.


IPS 2016: Professor Gabriele Cornelli and Professor Francisco Bravo introduce the XI Symposium Platonicum, to be held in Brasilia, and fix the probable date of the week 4th-8th July 2016.

International Plato Studies: Professor Michael Erler, coordinator of the Editorial Board, describes the situation of the Series as flourishing, with four new publications in three years, and invites the members to submit their works for further publications.

Internet Journal: Professor Francisco Gonzalez, Editor of the journal, invites the members of the Society to submit their works to the journal more regularly to heighten its level and underlines the need of referees and two other coeditors.

Plato Web: The report of Professor Debra Nails on Plato Web is read during the assembly.

Regional Activities: Professor Notomi announces the organization of a smaller conference in Japan in April 2014, open to all the members of the Society and especially addressed to scholars from the nearby countries.

Financial situation: The President informs the members present at the assembly of the financial situation of the IPS and reminds that just half of the members of the Society, approximately 620, is constituted by paid-up members, 300.

Other Issues

Professor Alonso Tordesillas suggests to institutionalize the Mediterranean Platonic Society, already present in the IPS as an informal structure, financially independent from the IPS and with the aim of promoting international exchange and cultural interaction within the Society. The assembly agrees.

Assembly adjourned at 20.30.

Mauro Tulli


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