The IV Symposium Platonicum

//The IV Symposium Platonicum

The IV Symposium Platonicum

The Fourth Symposium Platonicum, on the topic of the Timaeus and the Critias, was held in Granada, September 4-9, 1995.

Its academic and structural outlines had been approved by the Executive Committee at a preparatory meeting held in Madrid.

The proceedings — Interpreting the Timaeus – Critias. Proceedings of the IV Symposium Platonicum. Selected papers, edited by T. Calvo and L. Brisson — have been published in 1997 by Academia Verlag as Volume 9 of International Plato Studies.

At a plenary session, participants in the Symposium made decisions as follows :

  • they approved the financial statement presented by the President, T. Calvo Martínez
  • they elected the following to the Executive Committee for the triennium 1995-98 : G. Cambiano (Univ. of Turin) and M. Baltes (Univ. of Münster) to represent Europe ; G. R. F. Ferrari (Univ. of Berkeley) to represent North America ; Ute Schmidt-Osmanczik (U. N. A. M., Mexico City) to represent Latin America ; and H. Tarrant ( Univ. of Newcastle, NSW) to represent the rest of the world
  • they confirmed the proposal, accepted in 1992 in Bristol, to hold the Fifth Symposium in Toronto in 1998, designating T. M. Robinson (Univ. of Toronto) President of the IPS for the triennium 1995-98 and thereby organizer of the said Symposium.
  • they accepted a proposal to hold the Sixth Symposium in Jerusalem in 2001, appointing S. Scolnicov (Univ. of Jerusalem) as President Designate for the period 1998-2001 and thereby organizer of the said Symposium
  • they confirmed that the Editorial Board of International Plato Studies would continue to consist of L. Brisson, T. Calvo Martínez, L. Rossetti, C. J. Rowe, and Th. A. Szlezák.

The new Executive Committee for the triennium 1995-98 was, in total, as follows :

T. M. Robinson (President), G. Cambiano, M. Baltes, G. R. F. Ferrari, U. Schmidt-Osmanczik, H. Tarrant, T. Calvo Martínez (as Past President), S. Scolnicov (as President Designate), A. P. Bos (as representative of the C. J. de Vogel Foundation), and L. Brisson (by co-optation, as Vice-President)

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