The III Symposium Platonicum

//The III Symposium Platonicum

The III Symposium Platonicum

The Third Symposium Platonicum, held in Bristol on August 26-30, 1992, was the first to be organized by the IPS.

Its academic and structural outlines had been approved by the Executive Committee (to whose number had been added A. P. Bos, as representative of the C. J. de Vogel Foundation), at a preparatory meeting held in Amsterdam.

The Acta were published :

in a volume, edited by C. J. Rowe, entitled Reading the Statesman. Proceedings of the III Symposium Platonicum and in a special number of Polis : Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Greek Political Thought, (12) 1/2, 1993, ISSN 0412-257X.

At a plenary session participants in the Symposium made decisions as follows :

  • – they approved the financial statement presented by the President, C.J. Rowe
  • – they elected the following to the Executive Committee for the triennium 1992-95 : G. Cambiano (Univ. of Turin) and Th. A. Szlezák (Univ. of Tübingen) to represent Europe ; Ch. H. Kahn (Univ. of Philadelphia) to represent North America ; C. Eggers Lan (Univ. of Buenos Aires) to represent Latin America ; and S. Kato (Univ. of Tokyo) to represent the rest of the world.
  • – they accepted a proposal to hold the Fourth Symposium Platonicum in Granada in 1995, and designated T. Calvo Martínez (Univ. of Granada) President of the IPS for the triennium 1992-95 and thereby organizer of the said Symposium
  • – they accepted a proposal to hold the Fifth Symposium in Toronto in 1998, appointing T. M. Robinson (Univ. of Toronto) as President Designate for the triennium 1995-98 and thereby organizer of the said Symposium.
  • – rules were laid down to limit the possibility of several consecutive elections to membership of the Executive Committee
  • – a decision was made to add T. Calvo Martínez and C. J. Rowe to the Editorial Board of International Plato Studies, thus raising the number on the Board to five, and specifically five who would exemplify the five working languages of the Society.

The new Executive Committee for the triennium 1992-95 was, in total, as follows :
T. Calvo Martínez (President), G. Cambiano, Th. A Szlezák, C. Eggers Lan, S. Kato, C. J. Rowe (as Past President), T. M. Robinson (as President Designate), A.P. Bos (as representative of the C. J. de Vogel Foundation), and L. Brisson (by co-option, as Vice-President).

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