Report on “Socratica 2008”, Naples, December 2008

Second ‘Socratica’ Conference in Naples On December, 11-13 2008 an international conference entitled Socratica 2008. Seconde giornate di studio sulla letteratura socratica antica was held in Naples (Italy). The symposium was the follow- up of the Socratica meeting held in 2005 in Senigallia (the proceedings of which appeared in 2008). Another one is scheduled for 2011. The scientific aim of these conferences is to provide a broad approach to the context of Plato’s work: Socrates, the Socratics as a group, Xenophon, and the other major Socratics. The event was sponsored by the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, the Universities of Naples “Federico II” and “Orientale”, the University of Salerno, and the International Plato Society. It was held as well under the auspices of the “Fondazione Alario per Elea-Velia”. The coordinators were Livio Rossetti (Perugia), Franco Ferrari (Salerno), Giovanni Casertano, Lidia Palumbo, and Alessandro Stavru (Naples). The symposium was attended [...]

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