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The Symposium Platonicum 1986…and the events leading up to it

The First Symposium Platonicum, entitled at the time Symposium Platonicum 1986, took place in the aforementioned year in Mexico City, at the initiative of Conrado Eggers Lan (U. N. A. M.). Participating were several Mexican scholars and five scholars from elsewhere : Alfonso Gomez-Lobo, (Georgetown Univ., Washington), Giuseppe Mazzara (Univ. of Palermo), Thomas M. Robinson (Univ. of Toronto), Livio Rossetti (Univ. of Perugia), and Christopher J. Rowe (Univ. of Bristol). The Symposium took as its theme Los diálogos tardíos, and the Acta of the meeting, edited by C. Eggers Lan and entitled Platón : Los diálogos tardíos. Actas del Symposium platonicum 1986, were published in 1987 as part of the ongoing series published by the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (U. N. A. M). The volume was re-issued in 1994, with a "Preface to the second edition", as the third volume in the series International Plato Studies. [...]

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