The IV Symposium Platonicum

The Fourth Symposium Platonicum, on the topic of the Timaeus and the Critias, was held in Granada, September 4-9, 1995. Its academic and structural outlines had been approved by the Executive Committee at a preparatory meeting held in Madrid. The proceedings — Interpreting the Timaeus – Critias. Proceedings of the IV Symposium Platonicum. Selected papers, edited by T. Calvo and L. Brisson — have been published in 1997 by Academia Verlag as Volume 9 of International Plato Studies. At a plenary session, participants in the Symposium made decisions as follows : they approved the financial statement presented by the President, T. Calvo Martínez they elected the following to the Executive Committee for the triennium 1995-98 : G. Cambiano (Univ. of Turin) and M. Baltes (Univ. of Münster) to represent Europe ; G. R. F. Ferrari (Univ. of Berkeley) to represent North America ; Ute Schmidt-Osmanczik (U. N. A. M., Mexico City) to represent Latin America ; [...]

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